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 Many common questions are answered HERE, such as

If you need professional probate help, call 01323 741204

The Probate Department Ltd aims is to make the process of probate – legally sorting out a persons finances after they have died – as easy and inexpensive as we reasonably can.  Not everyone has the time, knowledge or determination to cope with probate on anything but a very simple estate. Whether you have or not, you will find lots of probate help here. Immediately below are links to specific help pages.

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Unfair Probate Fees – and how to avoid them.

If you do decide to opt for professional help, this is the page to read before you take any
decisions. We hope you will come back to us as our fees are both fair and sensible.  But be aware that some probate firms fees are excessive, and you need to understand how to avoid unfair probate fees.  Banks probate fees are generally even worse!

Probate Fees – who pays?

Most of the costs of probate can just come out of the estate when probate is granted and the assets can be collected in. Therefore executors as you need not be afraid of being out of pocket if you ask us for help with probate – as long as the estate is solvent.      Our probate fees are around half the market rate, though we do ask for a small deposit.  We provide probate services throughout England and Wales – for the rest of the UK we can refer you on.  But we can’t answer questions, except on English and Welsh matter as the UK probate rules differ in Scotland and N.I. – if you need help there, please use our Probate Enquiry form and say that the help is in N.I. or Scotland. That said, we are pretty good at settling International probate cases.

We are a UK Probate business, so we can only give brief free advice, but even if there is no money in the persons estate, we hope you will still find probate help throughout our site.

Here are our offerings, starting at the free one:

  1. Lots of useful free UK probate information to read and download if you want to do everything yourself.  Do watch the video too.
  2. UK Probate Help and Advice – pay for as much or as little help as you need along the way.
  3. Probate finishing service – you get all the basic information, pass it to us, we create all the necessary forms and either send them to you to submit, or we do it for you.
  4. Probate Instruct & Forget – tell us to do the lot, and we will sort everything out for you, and just keep you informed of progress. Our fees are typically 30 to 50% lower than High Street solicitors (and we’re much more convenient!)

Whatever you want, the starting point is either to give us a ring on 01323 74120401323 741204 or download the Probate Guide to the right.   We will be happy to have a brief 5 minute chat before you decide which route is right for you, and to answer your questions.

Please note that The Probate Department Ltd is a business (not a Government Department!) set up to help people through the trauma of the paperwork following a death in the family.  We are not a free helpline,  though we will always try to help if we can, but there are all sorts of useful resources on the site for those who want to try the DIY probate approach can always ask us for help if you get stuck. Our probate fees are modest, but we are not a charity! Do watch the “What to do on Death” video  – you will find it helpful.

How can The Probate Department Ltd help you with UK Probate?

The Probate Department team can provide as much or as little help as you need – we’ll do the whole job, or we’ll just provide 15 minutes advice at modest cost, if that is all you need. Even if you don’t call us today, why not bookmark this site so you can come back to it. Click here for the Probate Department contact details. Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to explain everything to all involved to avoid things going very wrong in the family.

Why use the Probate Department?

  • We have a team led by an experienced specialist barrister.  We are not lawyers who try to do everything and don’t really know the ropes, but probate specialists.
  • Did we mention our low overheads and the consequent low probate fees? You could waste thousands or even tens of thousand pounds if you don’t speak to us.  Worse, you could trigger a massive tax charge accidentally!

When a grant of Probate is needed.

A grant of probate is almost always needed when the person who has died owned one or more of the following:

  • stocks or shares.
  • certain insurance policies.
  • property or land held in their own name or as ‘tenants in common’

In most cases above, the bank or relevant institution will need to see the grant of probate before transferring control of the assets. However if the estate is small some organisations, such as insurance companies and building societies, may release modest amounts of money to you at their discretion on production of the death certificate and a copy of the Will if there is one.

Probate Help
Probate Department

That said, one estate was forced to go to probate to release just £1,500 from one investment house – the only people who required us to go through the full probate process.  Had they been using a solicitor or (worse) a bank, it probably would not have been worth doing! For many simple estates our fees would be in the hundreds of pounds, and we have even got an assisted DIY option to further cuts costs – give us a ring on 01323 741204 to see if we can help!

The Probate Department Ltd. for UK Probate.