Principal Probate Registry Office London

Principal Probate Registry Office London.

London Probate Department, Principal Registry of the Family Division, First Avenue House, 7th Floor, 42-49 High Holborn,  Holborn. London WC1V 6NP.

New Probate Registry London Phone Numbers

Enquiries: 0207 421 8500 or 0207 421 8509

But are you sure you are doing the right thing?

Why not download our FREE Guide to London probate and What to do on death – HERE.

Help with Probate

Click for help with Probate

Alternatively, would you like some help with the process, without paying professional fees? BUT with a safety net if you can’t cope: then our DIY Probate site gives the best of both worlds, with low cost online help backed up by our full service (at extra cost) if you find can’t manage the whole thing even with our Probate Wizard.

Please note that the Principal Probate Registry is a branch of the Court and does NOT deal with registering births deaths or marriages.  Click here for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

If you need help with Probate in London, which not give us a call – we promise our “country” fees and low overheads will be a revelation compared with London probate fees!

Here is the address of the Principal Probate Registry office London:

London Probate Department, Principal Registry of the Family Division, First Avenue House, 7th Floor, 42-49 High Holborn,  Holborn. London WC1V 6NP.

London Probate Registry Helpline and requests for application forms 0300 123 1072

Safe custody / Caveat and Summons enquiries as above  (alternative storage – more expensive but much more helpful).  If you are storing a Will, and you don’t have Lasting Powers of Attorney click the link they are VITAL).

General Fax 020 7421 8513.

Technical enquiries 0207 421 8510


If you need professional advice (and modest fees) in dealing with Probate in London, please do contact us.  If you need paid (albeit at low fees) probate help call us HERE and we’ll ask our local Probate Consultant to help with the Principal Probate Registry Office London.

Our fees are especially competitive for London probate cases. we work form a pleasant office in the countryside near Eastbourne, with really low overheads.   Our people are available to talk to you personally on most weekdays, and one of our senior personnel is usually available on Saturdays from 9.30 to 2.30 to answer your questions.   We are easily contactable by phone, fax, email or Skype and you will not often be told we are too busy to speak to you.

Better yet, we charge by the hour, and we don’t charge extra for letters and phone calls, nor do we expect a massive commission (up to 1.8% of the value of the estate).  This commission (or “responsibility allowance” can triple the bill!

Our service is simple, responsive and caring.  Why pay London Probate fees when you can probably save over 75% and benefit from a much more personal service?

Principal Probate Registry Office London

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