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Probate Forms Probate Registry Forms.

If you need probate registry forms you are in the right place, even though we are not the Probate Registry. If you wish to sort out the probate forms yourself, there are links to download them below.    If there are any trusts in the Will (there are automatic trusts if any beneficiary is under 18) or there is any possibility whatever of Inheritance Tax being due, we strongly advise against trying to do it yourself as the penalties for getting is wrong are both personal to the executor and very substantial. They can be up to the full amount of the tax payable – so the estate still pays, and then executors pay again from their own pockets as a penalty.  Be aware that Inheritance Tax calculations may pull things back into the estate which were given away as long ago as 14 years.  Good records are crucial, and contacting our Inheritance Tax planning barrister in advance could save a fortune.  But even after the event, she may well be able to save tax.

Doing it yourself can save money especially on simple estates, but you still might want to consider using which makes the process very easy for straightforward estates.

However, not all estates are as simple as they may at first sight appear.  Bearing in mind the Executor is personally liable if they get it wrong,  if there is any doubt, you might wish to consider using our relatively low cost professional service.  After all, the costs can be recovered from the estate.

Unless you have some expertise, we would certainly not recommend tackling any estate with a Trust in it, or where Inheritance Tax might become payable.  Feel free to give us a call if you are not certain if the estate is simple or not.

To access the necessary probate forms, read on:

PA1 – Probate Registry Forms applying for probate.

PA1  (PDF, 379KB) Form PA1 and relevant leaflets (including PA1A, PA2, PA3, PA4) are used to apply for probate if the person who died lived in England or Wales or was domiciled overseas with assets in England and Wales.

Help with Probate

Help with Probate

Forms too complex?

Would you like some help with the process, without paying professional fees? BUT with a safety net if you can’t cope? Our DIY Probate site gives the best of both worlds, with low cost online help backed up by our full service (at extra cost) if you find can’t manage the whole thing even with our Probate Wizard.

PA1A – Guidance Notes Application for Probate Registry Form PA1

Use this guide – to help you fill in the application for probate form PA1

Inheritance Tax – Probate Forms and process.

What you have to do and forms you have to fill in for probate. It is relatively unusual for family executors to be comfortable handling estates where Inheritance Tax may become an issue.  The penalties for getting it wrong are substantial and family executors may miss opportunities to reduce IHT with the use of a deed of variation.   We have a tax barrister on staff looking for such opportunities and we have even written a book on the subject of IHT.

Probate Registry form PA2 – How to Obtain Probate.

Use this leaflet is a guide if you are applying for probate without our help.

Probate Registry form PA3 – Probate Fees.

This shows the current Court fees for probate in England and Wales.

Directory of Probate Registries and Interview Venues.

This will help you to choose which Probate Registry Office and interview location you wish to use in England and Wales

Probate form IHT205 (2006) – Return of Estate Information.

Use the IHT 205 form is needed as part of the probate process if the deceased’s estate is an ‘excepted estate.’  Provided the person died on or after 1 September 2006 as a permanent resident of England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

IHT207 Probate Forms- Return of Estate Information.

Use this probate form for IHT if the deceased’s estate is an ‘excepted estate’ and the person died on or after 1 September 2006 with their permanent home abroad and limited assets in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

IHT400 Probate Form – Inheritance Tax Account.

IHT probate form IHT400 and schedules IHT401 to IHT423 need to be submitted if there is IHT to pay or the estate is not an ‘excepted estate.’  IHT probate form 400 has replaced IHT probate form IHT200.

PDF files – you need to use a PDF file viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available to download free of charge from the Adobe website.

Probate Registry Forms in alternative formats.

If you would like an HMRC probate form in large print, Braille or another alternative format, contact HMRC Probate Forms enquiry line.

Probate forms: we have collected these forms to help.  You should double check that a later version has not been brought out.