Probate Question: No Will - What Happens?

Probate Question: No Will – What Happens?

Probate Question – No Will what happens?

My sister has recently passed away leaving no will. I am the youngest of 3 siblings and. My siblings have not had any contact with my deceased sister for many years, so when she died I sorted out all the funeral arrangements etc. Sadly I was only told verbally by my deceased sister, that I was to have any money left after everything was paid as my siblings did not have anything to do with her, she never married and had no children. My eldest sibling has got wind that there is money left and says that all the money is hers because she is the eldest.

Does the money get shared equally between the 3 of us or is my eldest sibling entitled to it all?

Probate answer – when there is No Will:

As your sister is not married, and has no children (otherwise her husband and children would inherit), everything goes to your parents if they are alive.

If they have both died, then the estate is shared equally between her siblings, with the share and any deceased sibling leaving children being divided between those children.

I do hope you have made a Will – if not please visit our Estate Planning page or if you can only afford a low cost will, check out:


There is a more detailed explanation of what happens when a person dies without leaving a valid Last Will and testament HERE.

Probate Question: No Will – What Happens?