City of London Probate and Wills

City of London Probate and Wills EC, WC & E1

City of London Probate and Wills

City of London Probate and Wills at sensible cost.

City of London Probate and Wills in EC, WC & E1 can be more than a trifle costly.   You may decide that you don’t need to pay the overheads of City of London Probate solicitors.   They have City of London running costs and you can pay for them if you wish to.  Our City of London probate service offers you a service we think you will find just as good (if not better than City probate solicitors) but at hourly rates which wouldn’t even cover the charge out rate of a temporary secretary at a City of London  probate solicitors.  But with a tax expert at the helm.

Help with Probate

Help with Probate

If you don’t believe us just ask them their charge out rates for each member of staff.  Most solicitors also charge in 6 minute units, so three 30 second calls to a secretary asking the probate experts to return your call may well be charge out at 18 minutes.   We might charge you for 3 minutes, if at all. But hopefully you wouldn’t have to chase us and if you did, we would normally not charge for the extra time as it was our fault, not yours.

To register a death in the City of London.

If  City of London probate becomes complex from the probate or tax viewpoint, we have an extensively qualified Tax & Probate Barrister as part of our team.  Her hourly rate should be similar or more than the senior staff at City of London Probate solicitors.  However, it is nowhere near (you will find out why in a moment).  But most of the time when her giant brain isn’t needed, she just works as part of the team at our standard probate hourly rate.   She has worked for several leading London Solicitors and Accountants in senior positions in the past, and her charge out rate years ago was double what it is now.   Even should our tax and probate barrister do the whole lot at her maximum hourly rate, even the typing and copying, the cost of  City of London  Probate would almost certainly no more than around two thirds of the total bill from a City of London Probate experts.  Probably much less than that.  If you are looking at using a local experts (or worse, a bank) why not ask for full details of their hourly charge out rates.

Be sure to find out if they charge a “responsibility allowance.” This can mean a £1,000,000 bank account will take the same amount of time to collect in as a £1 one, but may give the experts a welcome “bonus” of £15,000 if they are one of the firms taking full advantage of the ability to levy this charge.   To be fair, some solicitors just charge for the time taken and don’t take this “bunce” payment.

So how can we offer low cost City of London probate services?

  • No City of London office costs to pay.
  • Not a single luxury company car for you to pay for (they would only get muddy here!)
  • The whole staff work on probate (apart from the bookkeeper at the moment!) So usually your questions can be answered by whoever who answers the phone.  Sometimes we have meetings and the tax and probate barrister needs to be unavailable so while she quietly reviews complex issues.  None of our staff are paid to keep clients  away from the staff handling their case, or to avoid answering clients questions! And we do return phone calls!
  • A large cost saving is that our office in Willingdon Triangle, Eastbourne just south of Polegate BN20 9PJ.  It even has forecourt parking!  We do have colleagues in London who will collect paperwork etc if you prefer not to use a courier, or where property needs to be secured, locks changed etc.  Where things are more complex, or you prefer, our probate experts (and tax barrister) can meet you in London  on her London days, to minimise the extra cost which can shared between more than one client.

Why not ring us on 03 300 102 300 and download the Instruction Sheet to the right.

These are areas of City of London we can help with Probate in (and pretty much anywhere else in England and Wales):   Aldergate, Aldgate, Bassishaw, Billingsgate and Bishopsgate. Also probate in Bread Street, Bridge, Broad Street, Candlewick and Castle Baynard as well as Cheap, Coleman Street, Cordwainer and Cornhill.  Not to mention Cripplegate, Dowgate, Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without plus Langbourn, Lime Street, Portsoken, Queenhithe, Tower, Vintry and Walbrook.

City of London Probate and Wills.