Forms for Confirmation in Scotland

Scotland Download Forms for Confirmation

If you wish to carry out the process of confirmation following a death in Scotland, here are links to download the forms.   Should you need professional help, please use the form at the bottom of this page (or give us a ring and ask for one of our Scottish law team to call you back.)

A free Guide to Confirmation is available using the form at the foot of the same page.

Please note that we do not post out these forms.

Confirmation Forms.

pdf icon C1 Inventory Form (PDF, 461KB)
If the deceased lived in Scotland use form C1 to apply for confirmation by providing an inventory of the deceased’s estate.
pdf icon Integrated Inventory – – contains form C1 confirmation and form C2 continuation (PDF, 529KB)
If the deceased lived in Scotland use this integrated version to get forms C1 Confirmation and C2 Inventory continuation sheets which are linked together

C2 (Lined) – Inventory Continued (PDF, 421KB)
For use if you run out of space on form C1 Confirmation forms.

Related forms

C5 (2006) – Return of Estate Information
Use this form with form C1 Confirmation if the deceased’s estate is an ‘excepted estate’ and the person had their permanent home Scotland
C5 (SE) (2006) – Information about Small Estates
Use form C5 with form C1 Confirmation where the estate is under £36,000 and is likely to be an ‘excepted estate’ and the person died as a permanent resident of Scotland
C5 (OUK) (2006) – Return of Estate Information
Use this with form C1 Confirmation above when the estate is not likely to owe Inheritance Tax and the person died with their permanent home abroad and limited assets in Scotland
IHT400 – Inheritance Tax Account
Use form IHT400 and schedules IHT401 to IHT430 in the confirmation process if there is Inheritance Tax to pay or the estate is not an ‘excepted estate.’

Confirmation HMRC forms in alternative formats

If you would like an HMRC form in large print, Braille or another alternative format, please contact the relevant HMRC helpline – see the link below.

Contact HMRC