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Canterbury Probate Registry Contact Details.

CLOSED please contact Brighton.

Canterbury Probate Registry Office is a sub office of Maidstone Probate Registry Office which is a sub office of Brighton to whom initial enquiries should be directed. Please note that Canterbury Probate Registry is a branch of the Court and does NOT deal with registering births deaths or marriages.  Click here for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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Maidstone covers the whole of Kent and is at.

Canterbury Probate Registry, The Law Courts, Barker Road, Maidstone, Kent England ME16 8EQ.  DX 130066 Maidstone 7

The Canterbury Probate Registry Office is open to the public only around one every 3 months,  and enquiries at Maidstone will confirm the availability (or otherwise) of interviews at the Canterbury Probate Registry Office. Appointments for interview at Maidstone are arranged between Monday and Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm, depending on demand.

Interviews at local probate offices are by appointment only and are arranged by the Maidstone Registry.

The opening arrangements for local offices vary according to demand but, generally, are open on the following days from 10.00am.

Canterbury Probate Registry Office – every 3 months usually on a Wednesday.

At present if you can attend your interview at the main Probate Sub-Registry in Maidstone or Brighton you are likely to get a quicker appointment date.

If you are looking for paid professional help (that is our role) rather than just contact details of the Maidstone Probate Registry office, go here.

Contacts at Maidstone Probate Registry Office (on behalf of Canterbury Probate Registry Office):

Switchboard 01622 202048.

Probate Manager 01622 202048.

Email Address for Personal Application enquiries:

Solicitor enquiries

Canterbury Probate Registry Office is part of The Probate Service which is part of the Family Division of the High Court. Canterbury Probate Registry Office deals with ‘non-contentious’ probate business (where there is no dispute about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant), and issues grants of representation.  These grants of representation are known as either:

  • Probate (when the deceased person left a valid will and an executor is acting)
  • Letters of administration with will (when a person has left a valid will but no executor is acting)


  • Letters of administration (usually when there is no valid will).

These different types of grants of representation appoint people known as personal representatives to administer the deceased person’s estate.

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