Norwich Probate Registry Office

Norwich Probate Registry Contact Details.

Norwich Probate Registry is part-time and all communications should be through IPSWICH unless they advise you otherwise.

Norwich Probate Registry Office is at Combined Court Building The Law Courts Bishopgate Norwich Norfolk England NR3 1UR (DX 97390 Norwich 5.) 01603 728267.     Back to list of Registries

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Please note that Norwich Probate Registry is a branch of the Court and does NOT deal with registering births deaths or marriages.  Click here for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Further Information. Free Guide to Probate or Professional Advice if Needed

Help with Probate

Help with Probate

The Norwich Probate Registry Office is a suboffice of Ipswich to whom all enquiries should be addressed.  Always check that Norwich is going to be open before visiting or sending anything (which would normally go to Ipswich.)

  • Lowestoft  CLOSED
  • Kings Lynn  CLOSED
  • General Contacts Switchboard 01603 728267
  • General Fax 01603 627469.
  • Probate Manager 01603 728267
  • Ipswich Registrar 01603 728267.
  • Email Address Solicitor enquiries NorwichPSRsolicitorsenquiries
  • Personal Application enquiries NorwichPSRenquiries

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