Principal Probate Office London Probate Department

London Probate Office, the Principal Registry.

LATEST: Download latest Probate Registry procedure and contacts here – it is all change and the site is currently out dated!

save-IHT London Probate Office, the Probate Department, Principal Registry of the Family Division, First Avenue House. 7th Floor, 42-49 High Holborn,  Holborn, WC1V 6NP. They do not register births or deaths, they are a Probate Court. If you just want forms, do NOT call the  Probate Registry, call 0300  123 1072. Or download them here. The phone, the fax numbers and email address for the London Probate Registry are further down. Read the update on the front page before going any further.

Horrendous increases in Probate Fees delayed by the election mean that Lifetime Planning is critical, even if it is fairly last minute.  Our resident experts can help.

London Probate Office
London Probate Office

Are you sure you are doing the right thing?  If you need honest, straightforward and relatively inexpensive professional help with Probate at sensible fees, please call us on 03 300 102 300. We will be delighted to have a free initial chat.  Please remember that we are a business, and whilst we are always happy to have a free exploratory chat, it must be brief.  You might want to check the Common Question Page (link to the right) first though!

For a route and location map go here.

New London Probate Office Department / Registry  Phone Numbers.

Enquiries: 0207 421 8509 10-4.30.                        Closed at weekends.                    Card payments: 0207 421 8509 9.30 to 3.


But should you need professional help, please contact us.

Why not download our FREE Guide to London probate and What to do on death – HERE.   Why pay London Probate fees when you could potentially save as much as half and benefit from a much more personal service?

If you need help with Probate in London, at very non-London prices, which not give us a call – we promise to find help at very modest fees compared with London probate fees!

Probate Department High Holborn
London Probate Department

Safe custody / Caveat and Summons enquiries as above  (alternative storage – more expensive but much more helpful).  If you are storing a Will, and you don’t have Lasting Powers of Attorney click the link they are VITAL).

London Probate Department / Registry general fax 0207 421 8513.  Technical enquiries 0207 421 8510.

If you need professional advice (and modest fees) in dealing with Probate in London, please do contact us.

We can arrange fees which are especially competitive for London probate cases, so should be of serious interest to anyone using the London Probate Registry.    An initial chat with our people is available on most weekdays, to answer clients questions informally – or just use the enquiry form to the right.   We are easily contactable by phone or email and you will not often be told we are too busy to speak to you.

Better yet we are on your side to ensure fees are fair.

Principal London Probate Office Department Registry

Main list of Probate Registry Offices.

The Principal Probate Registry High Holborn.  The Probate Department High Holborn. The probate office London.

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