Overseas Estate Planning and Probate Links

Overseas Estate Planning and Probate Links.

We are able to work with overseas lawyers to offer a service in all parts of the world except  the US and Canada, where all we can do is signpost useful sites.

  • Szabo & Associates Solicitors provides legal services in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) for drafting and updating wills, probate and estate planning law; Succession Act (Family Provision Act) claims; conveyancing and property law; retail, commercial and industrial leases; the sale and purchase of small business in NSW; liquor licensing; and property-related Foreign Investment Review Board Applications.  http://www.szabosolicitors.com.au/
  • Donlan Lawyers practice in Adelaide South Australia in all areas of estate planning and deceased estates. www.donlanlawyers.com
  • Useful site if you are looking at US Estate Planning and Probate Links.

At The Probate Department Ltd we don’t offer a service in the US or Canada but are keen to build up connections with US Probate firms who can help people out. If you are in the US, and you run a Probate firm, please contact us! For insurance reasons we are unable to deal with clients native to or based in the US or Canada.

Law Offices of Ioulia Roussinova, PLLC
Law Offices of Ioulia Roussinova, PLLC

Ioulia Roussinova

I am a tax, probate, and estate planning attorney in Bellevue, Washington, United States. Website HERE.




Free Guide to Probate in England & Wales.

Overseas Estate Planning and Probate Links

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