Full Estate Administration Service

Probate Help 4) Full Estate Administration Service.

If you just want us to do everything, or at least, most of it, then you need our flexible full estate administration service, not our lower cost options.  You can also use the bespoke service if your needs don’t fit into one of our standard packages – our minimum charge is just £30 if paid in advance by card!

To find out more about our estate administration services contact us here.  Or use the enquiry form below.

Our full estate administration service is normally charged at £115 per hour plus any expenses we have to pay on behalf of the estate, but reduced rates are available where a deposit is paid and our fees are settled monthly by card.  Against many competitors you would be saving £85 an hour or perhaps much more.  And no sneaky extras, just fair and reasonable expenses we have to pay out on your behalf.

If you would prefer a flat fee for the estate administration, subject to no unpleasant surprises, we can offer that too.

Full Estate Administration Service