The Probate Department

Solicitors Probate Fees England and Wales

Probate Fees – our charges.  For help call 03 300 102 300.

We appreciate that many people wish to do as much as possible themselves and may only want a limited amount of help. On the other hand, some will want us to do everything.
In each case, work is carried out by less senior staff where possible, to keep probate fees down, and a senior manager deals with more complex issues and supervises as necessary. You don’t want to pay top expert charge rates for a receptionist taking messages!

We do NOT charge extra percentage fees (“responsibility allowances”) on top of our probate charges, nor do we our probate charges add up in 6 minute units (where a 1 minute call is charged as 6 minutes and a 7 minute one as 12.) Our range of hourly rates (charged by the minute) are shown at the foot of this page.  We just try to be fair on what we charge you, and if you want to keep the probate work cost down, you can help out on the non technical aspects.

If you want us to help, give us a ring on 03 300 102 300, and if you like us and our probate charges, pay the initial fee or deposit fee and we will send you the necessary information to get the ball rolling. Or email us out of hours and we will call you. Remember that our charges for probate work are expenses of the estate, so anything you pay personally your are entitled to recover from the estate (as long as it has the money of course!)

These our range of Probate Services and options:
(Members of our Estate Planning Peace of Mind Service pay 10% less.)

PROBATE FEES. (all fees will be confirmed before we begin work).

Option 1we do the work – we offer two options – a fixed fee based on the gross value of the estate or an hourly rate based on the complexity of the estate and the seniority of the staff who need to do the work.   The hourly rate is ideal where the family wish to do some of the work  or the estate is really simple.  For small or insolvent estates we may only be able to offer the hourly rate.

Option 2: 15 minute telephone review fee £60: no report – just a chat and verbal recommendations.

Option 3: 25 minutes  Review including telephone discussion and time spent reading papers in advance on more complex, controversial or taxable matters at a cost £195.  There is  no report – just a chat and verbal recommendations.

Option 4Deed of Renunciation (to allow an executor to resign) £180.

Option 5: Deed of Variation – fee for a straightforward deed of variation £420. Initial review if required as 1.  

HOURLY RATES (if you choose this option).

Bear in mind that we try to ensure that work is done at the lowest practical fee band, in order to keep our probate fees as low as possible. Charges are by the minute, except for contentious probate where we have to charge in 6 minute units and the only additions are third party costs we have to pay on your behalf such as Court or Land Registry fees, advertising etc. Rates are normally reviewed annually and the rates applying (including VAT at 20%) as at 1st September  until March 2017 are (subject to change until letter if engagement signed and returned):

  • Probate Rate 1 – hourly rate case manager £234.
  • Probate Rate 2 – hourly rate solicitor/ senior case manager £252.
  • Probate Rate 3 – hourly rate senior staff high level/ Trust/ IHT case £300.

Fixed Fees

  1. UK born and bred (domiciled) 1.25% of the gross value of the estate plus VAT and third party costs. £240 initial deposit.
  2. Not UK domiciled: 2% of the gross estate plus VAT and third party costs. £1,200 initial deposit.