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Probate Solicitors Costs in England and Wales

Probate Solicitors Costs – How Much Should Probate Fees Be?

Probate solicitors costs vary enormously.  We like to think that our probate costs will be very substantially more modest than those of most probate solicitors.  Our team don’t have secretaries to stop you talking to the people running your case.

If you want to compare our costs with probate solicitors costs, please contact us now for a pleasant surprise.

A large part of the probate solicitors costs will depend on:

  • Where the solicitor is based. Why pay big city prices when you don’t need to – both post and email reach us very easily!
  • Whether they charge in units of 6 minutes, rather than by the minute as we do.  The difference can add a significant amount to fees.  Each contact or little job will be rounded up to the nearest 6 minutes.  So 10 failed attempts to ring a number could be charged as a hours time.
  • Whether they charge “responsibility allowance” which is a substantial commission authorised by the Law Society deigned to take into account that dealing with a  bank account with £1m in it is a million times more expensive than dealing with an account with £1 in.  We don’t follow the logic, but we have found locally that many solicitors do feel justified in adding responsibility allowance to probate solicitors fees,  in some cases it may treble the probate solicitors fees. Treble. Three times.
  • How expensive their offices are (office overheads form a significant part of probate solicitors costs.) Rents can be nearly £100 per square foot per year so a very small one person office could cost £15,000 a year.   That is more than the annual cost of our ENTIRE office space spent on just the rent for one person. In London, we are embarrassingly competitive compared with London solicitors costs for probate.
  • In many areas, the cost of a secretary is so high that they cost more than experienced probate practitioners here!

Most solicitors firms are not specialists when it comes to probate, so unless they are a very large (which may mean expensive) firm, you may be paying full fees to non specialists.   That can be a lot of extra hours to pay for.

At the Probate Department, our team have a wide range of relevant backgrounds – probate, Wills, financial services – all of which add to our capability of dealing with your case without massive probate solicitors costs.

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