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The Probate Department On Probate Solicitors Fees and Options.

At The Probate Department, we realise that there are widely varying levels of help people need when sorting out an estate.  Some are so simple that our Free DIY Probate Guide will provide enough help.  Some need a free 5 minute chat.  Others need more detailed services, and we like to think we have all the options covered by our contacts.  Here they are:

DIY Probate Services – for simple estates and the determined DIYeyer who might want limited support.  The service may cost less than an hour of typical probate solicitors fees – check it out if you think it might be relevant.  And if you case proves too complex, we can provide as much or as little extra help as you wish (though at our usual modest rates!)

The Intermediate Probate Service can handle straightforward estates or complicated ones where trusts or Inheritance Tax may be an issue but you want to keep costs down by doing as much as you can yourself.

Full Probate Service – give all the necessary papers to the experts, and they will do the work, make sure that the correct tax is paid, and pay the beneficiaries. Clearly, they will have to ask some questions!  We recommend this option where families don’t have the necessary administrative skills, where there may be Inheritance Tax to pay, Trusts to deal with, or possible disputes (so they are not personalised, but dealt with by a professional.)

(Members of our Estate Planning Peace of Mind Service pay 10% less.)

We aim to send enquiries only to experienced firms with the time to do the work, and on whom we get good feedback.