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Why The Probate Department Ltd exists and who we are.

At The Probate Department Ltd, solicitors, we like to think we are different: at heart, we are Estate Planners.   That means we look at using Legal Planning to help people through life whilst planning to pass on as much as is possible to future generations. With it becoming so much more difficult for youngsters to get on the housing ladder, inheritances from grandparents and parents are more vital than ever.

Contact us using the form at the foot of the page or ring 03 300 102 300.

The Probate Department process involves working with families to plan for children from long before they are born, and often looking ahead for as much as 125 years.   “Wealth cascading down the generations” – something it is far less likely to do without sound Legal Planning (and of course, financial planning, but that is not our area.)  Sound Legal Estate Planning is crucial, and dealing with what happens after a death (and trying to reduce the slice taken needlessly by tax) is a part of the Legal Estate Planning process.

The earlier you get in touch with us, the better we can do to look after and protect you and younger and older members of your family.

Call us initially on 03 300 102 300. As a solicitors practice, The Probate Department Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA number 61821.

The Probate Department: Our Staff.

Our staff come from many and varied backgrounds, to pull together strands of expertise not often found in a firm of lawyers.  We are also unusually focused on client service (so you can actually speak direct to the people handling your case!)  Our staff care about getting things done for our clients, as speedily and effectively as is reasonably possible.

So what else do clients want?

We think that after that, you will be looking for value for money.  Not cheapness, that isn’t the same thing.  Quality and knowledge and the ability to resolve problems in a caring fashion are in our opinion more important than just cost.

But we do try to keep costs as low as possible – no flash offices, or cars, decent but not exotic salaries.   As an example, our Head of Legal, a solicitor (she was a Tax Barrister) was charged out at over £440 and hour plus VAT many years ago when working elsewhere and her highest charge out rate now is still much lower.   In some firms you will pay more for the time of a junior.   When paying hourly (actually by the minute to keep fees down) for our services, you can generally save at least one third as against most firms, and you could pay double or more elsewhere.

We also charge lower rates for less experienced and qualified staff, so that work is carried out by a suitably experienced person – but not someone overqualified and therefore more expensive. More savings!

When it comes to fixed percentage fees, recent research indicated the savings with our fair charges are even bigger – but a chat with us may help you decide which is the better route for you. We do NOT charge in 6 minute units nor do we charge extra for letters (apart from the time) nor do we charge for all our time then slap on a big percentage of the gross value of the estate.  We charge for the time we spend, no more, and we will explain to you how to keep charges down!

Ingrid McCleaveIngrid McCleave  LLB (Hons) Solicitor

Director & Head of Legal

Steve Pett Client Services Director   Probate Help

PeterWallacegownPeter Wallace part time Associate Financial Manager (a retired accountant) who also advises mainly on Wills and Trusts and keeps an eye on our (and where relevant, your) money.

Call us initially on 03 300 102 300.

Office address:

The Probate Department Ltd, 2 The Triangle, Willingdon, Eastbourne BN20 9PJ