How do I change the ownership of the car?

My dad has died: how do I change the ownership of the car?

Probate answer:

To change the ownership of the car, this is the official line.

“What to do with the V5C if the registered keeper of the vehicle dies

The registered keeper’s legal representative must fill in section 6 of the V5C
with their details or the details of the person who will now be responsible for
the vehicle and send this to us. If there is a new keeper, the new keeper must
also sign the V5C.

To prevent any unnecessary correspondence which may cause distress,
please send a covering letter with the V5C. The covering letter should give the
vehicle’s registration number, the name and address of the registered keeper
who has died and the date they died. Please send the letter and V5C to:

Sensitive Casework
SA99 1ZZ
You do not need to send in the death certificate.”

In effect, this means that there may be difficulty establishing who should in fact be the legal owner, as only the “personal representative” – normally, the person appointed as executor in the Will or the person appointed under Letters of Administration.  however, dealing with this issues could mean that you have appointed yourself accidentally as administrator of the whole estate with the consequent duties a liabilities.

How do I change the ownership of the car?