Probate Registry Directory for England and Wales: Registries List

Directory of the Probate Registry Offices in England and Wales.

September 2018. Find the nearest Probate Registry: further down the page are the contact details of all Probate Registries in England and Wales. Be careful as many are closed or part-time.  Always write to or contact Main area Probate Registries, NOT a sub-registry unless you are specifically asked to contact a sub-registry. There is a list you can download if you go to the bottom of the page, or just click on to the relevant registry below. Probate Registries do NOT deal with registering births, marriages or deaths. 

To find the local Registrar of Births and Deaths go HERE. Probate Registries and Registrars of Birth and Deaths are entirely different organisations.

Please do NOT call the Probate Registries below if you just need Probate Forms, call the Government Service on 0300 123 1072 Option 1 and leave your name and address and the fact that you need probate forms (or +44 300 123 1072 from abroad).  That office is open 9-5 Monday to Friday.  For contact details of the various Probate Registries, continue down the page.  If you just need a small amount of guidance use our form for where you just need a question answered.

We can introduce you to flexible probate services from DIY Support for simple estates to sophisticated tax advice on taxable estates.  They don’t insist on taking over everything.  We do strongly recommend contacting us where there will be Inheritance Tax to pay, any trusts or if there may be disputes. Many families never speak again after a probate dispute, so keeping the dispute impersonal helps no end.  They can blame the professionals!

Links to the nearest Government Probate Registry contact details are further down the page. Many local interview offices have been closed to cut costs.  Closed offices are crossed through, and (anyway) you should always contact the relevant regional main office. At the moment, the Probate Registries seem to be woefully understaffed, so it is often better to email.

For copy Wills and Grants click this one. For help with probate go here. For DIY Probate click here.

Horrendous increases in Probate Fees as from a yet to be announced date in mean that Lifetime Planning is critical, even if it is fairly last minute.  Our (separate) experts can help.

All applications must be sent to a MAIN Probate Registry or they will be delayed while they are redirected. Always check with a sub-office that they will be open and have appointments available if you intend to visit them. Many are neither open nor staffed regularly. Even the Government site is not always up to date with which ones are closed.

The job of executor can be both demanding and thankless.   Bearing in mind that professional fees would come from the estate, you may wish to consider an economical professional service. This page gives an insight into where you can run into profit inflating tactics elsewhere. To contact us call 03 300 102 300.  If your concern is a possible probate dispute, then this page may be helpful.

Main Probate Registries are open from 9.30 to 4 Monday to Friday except for London which opens and closes 30 minutes later.

Find the nearest Probate Registry. We are NOT one.

The indented registries are satellite or sub-offices of the Probate office above them. It is also possible to apply to any probate registry.  You don’t have to go to the one which is nearest to where the death occurred.   If it is more convenient, it is possible to apply to an office more local to you. But be aware that the process may take a few extra days if you do.

(Free Guide to what to do on death HERE – with free tips on saving money on probate.)

For the Probate Registries Fees go to this page.  If it is all a bit much for you,  get professional help with probate at modest fees, contact us.  We won’t charge for a brief initial chat.

Before you find the nearest probate registry, why not read the FREE Guide to Probate without a experts?  Even if you do decide to use our service, a experts or bank (or you can’t get out of it as they are appointed as executor) you will be better informed.  Go here to download the guide. You will also receive some helpful guidance on the various things which have to be done. That guidance may save you a lot of time and money.

Some Probate Registry sub Offices are open just once every three months! As mentioned elsewhere, we have professionals working throughout England and Wales.   To be honest, local visits are only essential where none of the family is local and able to collect papers, change locks and perform similar tasks and no one else will do it at a reasonable cost.    Get in touch and we will organise a quotation for you.

Find the nearest Probate Registry

Find the nearest  Registry

List/ Directory of Probate Registries Contact Details.

(Click through to the relevant registry page).

 Sub-offices of Birmingham Probate Registry:   

  •  Coventry  Closed.  Northampton Closed. Wolverhampton Closed.
  • Kidderminster Closed.
  • Stoke on Trent All post and enquiries to Birmingham
  • Nottingham  All post and enquiries to Birmingham

Brighton Probate Registry Office.

Cardiff Registry Office.

Ipswich Probate Registry OfficeAll post and enquiries to Newcastle

(Plus Colchester and Chelmsford).

Leeds Probate Registry.

(Looking for copies of probated Wills? Leeds deal with that but do not ring them. Click the link and download the enquiry form.  That is all they will send if you ring them, once you finally get through. Or apply online HERE – but read the instructions carefully.)

  • Lincoln All post and enquiries to Leeds.
  • Sheffield  All post and enquiries to Leeds
  • York  All post and enquiries to Leeds.

Liverpool Probate Registry Office.

  • Chester  All post and enquiries to Liverpool.
  • Lancaster  All post and enquiries to Liverpool.

London: Principal Probate Registry Office.

The London Registry is the senior registry for England and Wales.

Manchester Probate Registry Office.

Newcastle Probate Registry Office.

Oxford Probate Registry Office.

  • Gloucester  All post and enquiries to Oxford.
    • Cheltenham  Closed.   Worcester Closed.  Hereford Closed.
    • Leicester Registry  All post and enquiries to Oxford.

and last but by no means least:

Winchester Probate Registry Office.

Click above to find local  District Probate Registry Office contact details.

If you would like very competitively priced professional help from professionals who care and are happy to talk to you, do contact us.

List of Probate Registry Offices to download (PDF).

 Probate advice 03 300 102 300. This is our Directory of Probate Registries.

Find a funeral director.    Register a death.   Help with Probate.