Pre Death Planning

Pre Death Planning can save a fortune.

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Pre death planning, especially for those who receive notice of their own death, through a bad diagnosis – or just plain common sense realisation that we are all going to go sometime!  A great deal can be done to tidy up their pre death planning before they die, saving a great deal of cost and time. Click the link above for our contact details.

No one else seems to take this issue seriously, so we are starting a bit of a campaign on it.  Not only may we save your family time and money on probate, but (for some) there may be massive savings on Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains tax.

If you or a relative are in this situation, a few hundred pounds spent now on pre death planning could save thousands of pounds and long delays after you have gone.  You will no longer be not available to answer all of those questions your Executors will be required to answer.

There is a Free Guide to Probate available on our site, but the following may also be useful:

1) Inheritance Tax Secrets

This site offers a brief (pages 50 to 60) Manual which can help you to massively reduce the Inheritance Tax bill on death, and advance planning is often very simple.   Trouble is most people mess it up as they don’t want to pay thousands for professional advice – now you don’t need to.

2) Asset Protection Secrets is FREE

It is a brief booklet which helps introduce you to the topic of asset protection which is becoming increasingly important to pre death planning as pressure grows on the tax man and local councils to increase revenue.  You have the choice of giving your assets as tax, or leaving them to your family, so why not find out how?  It also shows you how to get some of your assets outside of your estate (but not for IHT, that is another topic) so that it can be paid out quickly without probate delays.

3) Wills and Powers of Attorney

There is a free guide to legal planning on this site too – and it is just one sheet of A4, which could save an awful lot of aggravation and cost.

4) Pre paid Funerals – can save time, money and lots of family arguments.  Everyone seems to know what the deceased wanted.  But they all “know” something different!

5) Detailed Estate Planning

For more (paid) advice on pre death planning, please contact us.  We believe that many folk would be delighted to help sort out all their paperwork, or as much as they can manage, before they die.  At least it takes their mind off the inevitable.  Early planning can save hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds.  Probate Practitioners being able to question people before they die would make life much easier and hence cheaper in the long run.

Pre Death Planning = post death savings and simplicity

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